Release me

I am the wilderness locked in a cage
I am a growing force you kept in place
I am a tree reaching for the sun
Please don't hold me down

I am a rolling wave without the motion
A glass of water longing for the ocean
I am an asphalt flower breaking free but you keep stopping me
Release me

I am the rain that's coming down on you
That you shielded yourself from with a roof
I am the fire burning desperately but you're controlling me
Release me

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<3 k l a u d i a

16.03.2010 kl.19:32

Digger sangen! btw, fin blogg! :- )


16.03.2010 kl.20:32

SV: Nei:D

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LiNii Peachinii

LiNii Peachinii

25, Vefsn

Hi ya'll :)

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