Staind - Epiphany


Your words to me just a whisper 

Your face is so unclear 

I try to pay attention 

Your words just disappear 



'Cause it's always raining in my head 

Forget all the things I should have said 


So I speak to you in riddles 

'Cause my words get in my way 

I smoke the whole thing to my head 

And feel it wash away 

'Cause i can't take anymore of this 

I want to come apart 

And dig myself a little hole 


I am nothing more than 

A little boy inside 

That cries out for attention 

Yet I always try to hide 

'Cause I talk to you like children 

Though I don't know how I feel 

But I know I'll do the right thing 

If the right thing is revealed 

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LiNii Peachinii

LiNii Peachinii

25, Vefsn

Jente på 22 år Ferdig utdannet hudpleier. Elsker foto og musikk! Glad i familien og vennene mine.. :))

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